Made in USA

Susato Reedpipes/Rauschpfeiffen
(Capped, conical-bore Double-Reed-Pipes of the Renaissance)

A Reedpipe/Rauschpfeiff is a fairly loud and rich sounding, capped double-reed instrument of the Renaissance with a tapered, conical bore. Its sound is penetratingly straightforward and therefore very useful and welcome to sound a melody in parades, dance bands of any sort, and in combination with a variety of other wind and string instruments. The fingerings are basically the same as for Recorders, Kelhorns and Crumhorns, but Susato Reedpipes/Rauschpfeiffen can be "overblown" into a second octave for an extended range of one octave and a fifth, from -c'- to -g'- for soprano and from -f'- to -c"- for sopranino sizes. A perfect range for a large selection of tunes!

The lengths of our Reedpipes/Rauschpfeiffen are 56cm for the -c'- Soprano, and 41cm for the -f'- Sopranino.

A Soprano Reedpipe/Rauschpfeiff pitch in -c'- is of the same octave as Tenor Recorders, Sopranino in -f'- like Alto Recorders.

The price includes a complete, ready-to-play instrument with a Susato 5th Generation Reed, Thumbrest, Capped Reeds Companion Tutor, and a Cloth Case.

Made in our own workshops of durable and reliable
Terra-Cotta Color ABS

Sturdy Black Hardcase to hold one or both sizes

Hardcases for Kelhorns are also available - ask for details!

"Nine is Fine!" is a series of Susato Press Editions featuring music for nine-note instruments suitable for capped reeds and gemshorns.