Susato Wide-Bore Recorders

These instruments have a strong lower register welcome in Renaissance, ethnic and folkdance music ensembles! In the lower range, the Susato wide-bore recorder is louder than Baroque style recorders, and even richer than most wooden Renaissance recorders.

The range is two octaves for sopraninos and sopranos, and one octave and a sixth for altos. All are single hole model two-part instruments except for Sopranino and Sopranos which are also available as one-piece  instruments.

Available in black or in rosewood-brown and with or without Camelia color trim.

A thumb-rest, fingering chart, Susato joint grease and a carrying pouch are included in the price.

Introducing the new Pitch-Pocket adjustment screw for one-piece instruments

For centuries, players of on-piece recorders or other vertical flutes have been unable to adjust the pitch of their instrument as needed when playing with ensembles. This new invention makes it possible to sufficiently raise the pitch of the entire instrument without the extra cost of adjustable joints and without distorting the bore geometry.

One piece model Sopraninos and Soprano recorders can be upwards pitch adjusted for up to 25 cents of a semi tone by a half rotation of the new Pitch-Pocket screw, eliminating the need for jointed sections. To read more about our Pitch Pocket design, click here.