Aulos Recorders and Baroque Flutes are made of ABS in Japan. All recorders have Baroque fingering. Beautiful sound and superb craftsmanship are hallmarks of these reliable, precisely pitched and reasonably priced quality instruments.

Aulos Haka 700 Series Recorders • The soprano and alto are patterned after the original instruments of the early 18th century Dutch maker Richard Haka. They have a rich tone quality, useful as solo, or ensemble instruments for the baroque recorder literature.

Aulos 500 Series Recorders • Available in six sizes from Garklein to Bass, the 500 series is this maker's premium line of consort instruments. They provide excellent intonation and a well blending tone quality. The straight version bass recorder can be played with a bocal, or blown direct. For easier direct playing, the bass is also available as a bent-neck version. A carrying case, joint grease and a fingering chart are included with each instrument.

Aulos Baroque Flutes • Well-designed, yet relatively inexpensive Baroque flutes. They are accurately patterned after surviving original museum instruments and offer the beginning Baroque flutist a remarcably easy-to-play first instrument, at a minimal investment. The 440Hz Grenser flutes are made with a matte, black finish. The elegant Stanesby 415Hz, low-pitch flute is based on an original ivory instrument. The ivory colored reproduction both looks and sounds remarkably like the original museum instrument. Both instruments are provided with a soft case, cleaning material, joint grease and fingering chart. A hardcase is available.

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