Modern Soprano and Alto Recorders

These harmonic recorders are strong and powerful. Tuned in 442 Hz, the Alto recorders have a range of 2 ½ octaves and use traditional Baroque fingering. Only the notes in the third octave require different fingerings.

Alto recorders with E-foot and triple key E/F/F# add a semitone, e1, to the low register and opens up a host of additional alternative and trill fingerings. Their range is from e'–es''''.

Alto recorders with G or F foot with double keys perform the same task. The new Altos with G foot have a double key for G/G# and a range of g'-d''''. The Altos with F foot have double keys on F/F# and a range from f'–d''''.

The Soprano recorders come with a standard B-Foot joint. The resulting longer length of the instrument makes for a more stable and balanced sound across the range. Their range is from b'–g''''.

Availalable in Rosewood, Grenadilla (ebony) and Pearwood. Prices include a case, cleaning rod, cork grease and fingering chart.

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Shown above: Alto with triple key
in Ebony, Alto with double key in
Rosewood and Soprano with double
key in Pearwood