Kynseker Recorders

Alto and soprano recorders of the early Baroque period based on the design by Hieronimus Franciscus Kynseker (Nürnberg, 1636-1686). The originals of these instruments are to be found in the German National Museum in Nuremberg.

The Moeck Kynseker has a register of 2 octaves and corresponds to the "Handfluit" by Jacob van Eyck (1590-1657).

Available in plumwood, tuned in 442Hz. Includes carrying case, cleaning rod, cork grease and fingering chart.

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Plumwood Alto and Soprano
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Kynseker Recorders
2600- Moeck Kynseker Soprano Recorder in -c"-, model 8250, a=442Hz, Plumwood with Single Holes,   $595.00  
2601- Moeck Kynseker Alto Recorder in -f'-, model 8350, a=442Hz, Plumwood with Single Holes.   $810.00