Susato Pennywhistles
Three models and 20 keys to choose from!

Kildare Pennywhistes

Our most popular pennywhistles for session playing! All Kildare models have a curved windway, separate head and body sections and a slightly tapered bore.

We offer 22 Kildare whistles with 4 different bore sizes from high -G- to low -C-. They can be pitch-adjusted by pulling the joint in or out. The purchase price includes a fingering chart, thumb rest, joint grease and a vinyl carrying bag.

These two-piece models have a curved windway and are lower in price than the Kildare models. The purchase price includes a fingering chart, thumb rest, joint grease and a pouch.
  Oriole Pennywhistles
Our new Oriole two-piece models have a curved windway, a cylindrical bore and are available in the keys of -Eb-, -D-, -C- and -Bb-. The purchase price includes a fingering chart, thumb rest and vinyl pouch. The ease of play and responsiveness of this whistle is astounding!
Sonamus CD
Cormach Beatnach plays Susato Pennywhistles

To hear our Susato Pennywhistles played by Cormac Breatnach, renowned musician, we recommend these two CDs. Sonamus is Cormac's latest CD where Baroque and Irish music meet. He plays Susato Low D and High A pennywhistles. On the Ealu CD (pronounced Ay-lou), Cormac plays all Low Susato pennywhistles in the keys of C, D, Eb, F and G.

Sonamus CD

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More about our whistles
Susato whistles are designed by George Kelischek and manufactured in our own shop in Brasstown, North Carolina. Susato whistles feature a number of innovations that add up to create a truly excellent instrument. The whistles are easy to play, with a bright and responsive sound that many professional musicians prefer. Our pennywhistles are played all around the world!
  • All models feature a curved wind-way which contributes to a rich, bright sound and easy overblowing into the higher octave.
  • Our Susato key system makes longer, lower voiced whistles playable without undue stretch and hand fatigue.
  • Oval tone holes are used where those are easier to cover than round holes.
  • Customers can purchase economical whistle sets by choosing one head section and multiple bodies.
  • Two piece models make transport and storage of longer, lower pitched whistles easier.
  • Two piece models allow pitch adjustment by pulling the joint in or out.
  • Unlike metal whistles, ABS plastic does not conduct heat as fast as metal and maintains a more stable pitch with temperature changes.
  • ABS plastic is highly durable and impervious to moisture.
  • Serrated joints on Kildare models retain joint grease much longer and allow for repeatable fine tuning changes.
  • The adjustable snap on thumbrest can be moved to an individual position for comfortable playing.