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   Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments was founded by Geigenbaumeister (Master Violin Maker) George Kelischek in Witten, Germany, on May 1st 1955. We moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1960, but relocated ten years later, in 1970, to a much larger, newly-built home and workshops on 32 acres of land in Brasstown, North Carolina, in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. We incorporated our manufacturing activities in North Carolina as Kelhorn Corporation in 1972. 
   Our emphasis is in the field of early music and folk music. In our own Brasstown workshops we manufacture the Susato (Our Registered Trade Mark!)  Pennywhistles, Tabor-Pipes, Txistu, Pentatonic and Wide-Bore Recorders, Cornamuses, Crumhorns, Kelhorns, Rauschpfeiiffs, Gemshorns, Reeds and Ocarinas. Additional instruments are in various stages of design and development for future release.
   Hurdy-Gurdies, Violas da Gamba, Lutes, Baroque and modern Violins and Violas are always custom made one-at-a-time. All Susato brand products are made in our Brasstown, North Carolina shop.
   A growing list of Susato Press Editions of music for recorders and other instruments is typeset, designed, printed and bound in our own studios as well.
   For our retail store and display room we import and stock a variety of quality instruments of American, European, Asian and Mid-Eastern Origin. Wooden and plastic Recorders in sizes from Gar-Klein to Contrabass, high quality Violins, Violas and 'Cellos for professionals, Bows, Lap Dulcimers, Hammered Dulcimers, Bodhran-Drums, Ethnic Percussions, Strings and all sorts of Accessories.
   Restorations and repairs of string and wind instruments on all levels are affected frequently in our well equipped workshops.
   We are very appreciative of your support and trust. We pledge to continue giving you the best service possible. When in the mountains of Western North Carolina, visit our showroom. We hope to meet you soon.

George Kelischek

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Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments
199 Waldroup Road, Brasstown, NC 28902 USA
E-mail:  susato@susato.com
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Telephone Number: 828-837-5833
Phone hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
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