Susato Reeds are wonderfully responsive. They require no wetting, so they are ready to play when you are. The sound is wonderfully "buzzy" and flexible. Our reeds are made of a very special, long lasting resin. With proper care a Susato Reed can be played for many years. We use Susato Reeds in all our Crumhorns, Cornamuses, Kelhorns, Kortholts and Rauschpfeiffe.

The Brass Staple I.D. (inside diameter) of the reed must correspond to the bore diameter of the respective instrument size. If the correct brass staple and reed size is chosen, our Susato Reeds can be fitted to any capped reed instrument with the same inside bore diameter.

To make it possible for a properly sized reed to securely slide up or down inside the instrument's bore, it is of great advantage to have a short section of the next larger size brass staple glued into the beginning of the instrument's body.
A smoothly telescoping reed staple makes fine-tuning the instrument much easier.

Cork fitted around the end of the reed's brass staple is not a good technique, as the bore geometry gets severely distorted by the thick cork-fitted section when adjusted up or down.