The Mollenhauer family of Fulda, Germany, has been making wind instruments continuously since 1822. The company added recorder making right after world war II, and they are now a world renowned maker. Always of very high quality and affordable, Mollenhauer recorders are a joy to play, all with Baroque fingering.

Soprano Student Recorders • Available with single or double holes.

Adri's Dream Recorders  • Wide bore recorders from Soprano to Knick Bass.

Dream Edition for Soloists • High quality plumwood recorders from Soprano to Bass.

Canta Recorders • Versatile and reliable ensemble instruments from Soprano to Great-Bass.

Denner Recorders • Great Baroque models for solo and consort use, offered from Sopranino to Great Bass.
Hand-crafted Denner Edition Recorders • Alto recorders for demanding soloists, tuned in 442 Hz and 415 Hz.

Elody Recorders with Electric Pick-Up • Innovative Alto recorder design with built-in electric pick-up.

Kynseker Renaissance / Early Baroque Recorders • Made in eight sizes, from Garklein to Great Bass.

Modern Recorders • Expanded range and strong sound distinguish these superbly designed instruments.

Hard Cases for Recorders • Hardcases for many recorder combinations.

Soft Bags for Recorders • Soft cotton bags for Mollenhauer recorders.