Susato Comfort Key Retrofits

Add keys to your long instruments! Susato Comfort Keys can be mounted to Pennywhistles and Recorders to alleviate problems with reaching tone holes. Larger whistle sizes are now accessible to many players who previously could not reach the lower tone holes; or only with great difficulty. The difference in playability is enormous.

On pennywhistles, unless otherwise specified, the first key is mounted over the lowest tone hole. To accomodate handicaps, we can mount a Susato Comfort key to any or all tone holes. Default key placement is for right-handed players, but can be arranged for left-handed playing as well.

Aulos and Yamaha Tenor Recorders can be fitted with two additional Susato comfort keys, for the right hand fore-finger and the left hand ring-finger. The two extra keys make the tone-holes much easier to reach and playing very enjoyable.

Susato keys are not for home assembly and mounting. They take special tools and equipment to properly install, so it is necessary to send the instrument middle section to our Brasstown, NC shop.