Renaissance Consort Recorders

The Moeck Renaissance Consort recorders are reconstructions of the instruments from the Hofburg Museum in Vienna. This famous collection comprises a large amount of well kept Renaissance recorders that are often built in one piece. These Renaissance recorders have tenons in the head- and lower joint and are linked with a short brass tube.

The fingerings of the Renaissance recorders are different to the English or Baroque fingerings. We advise to opt for the original fingerings but we also sell instruments with Baroque fingerings. Moreover, if desired, we can tune these instruments to mean-tone temperament which, when using the original fingerings, will make ensemble playing and the intonation of pure major thirds far easier. The instruments have a range of an octave plus a sixth.

The basic tuning is 440 Hz (other than the original tuning at ca. 460 Hz) which can be slightly adjusted by the short metal ring that links the tenons. When tuning the instruments, we take special care that the individual recorders blend well together and cannot be singled out by their sound or volume.

Includes a case, cleaning rod, cork grease and fingering chart.

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From left to right: Contra bass, Great Bass, Bass, Tenor
with fontanelle and keys, Tenor without keys,
Alto in -f'- and in -g'-, Soprano and Sopranino.