Kynseker Recorders

The Kynseker recorders are called late Renaissance or Early Baroque instruments. They are based on the designs of Hieronymus F. Kynseker (Nuremberg, 1636–1686). The original instruments are kept at the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg. The Mollenhauer Kynseker recorders remain faithful to the most important characteristics of the originals: the outer form and the strong sound.

The Kynseker Altos are available in -g'- or in -f '-.

Garklein through Tenor are available in maplewood or plumwood, the Bass in maplewood or stained pearwood (as shown on right) and the Great Bass in maplewood only. All with Baroque fingering and in 442Hz tuning.

Prices include a carrying case, cork-grease and a fingering chart.

Shown at right: Great Bass, Bass in stained pearwood, Tenor, Alto, Soprano, Sopranino and Garklein (Picolo).

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