Moeck Recorders Overview

Renowned for quality, Moeck Recorders are made in Celle, Germany.
Pioneers of recorder making and recorder music publishing since 1930.
Renaissance • Baroque • Modern
Standard tuning is 442Hz. Selected models tuned to 442Hz or 415Hz as indicated. Baroque fingering only.


NEW IN 2015 - Subbass (Contra Bass) Recorder •Direct blow Contra Bass recorder for professionals

Flauto Rondo Recorders • Ensemble playing at affordable cost, available from Sopranino to Great Bass in -C-.

Hotteterre Tenor Recorders • Models for a large sound spread over 2 1/2 octaves, availble in 442Hz or 415Hz tuning.

Renaissance Consort Recorders • Available from Sopranino to Contra Bass.

Rottenburgh Recorders • Excellent consort of Baroque style recorders for professionals from Sopranino to Bass.

Stanesby Baroque Alto Recorders • Choice of solo playing professionals and available in 442Hz or 415Hz tuning.

Kynseker Early Baroque Soprano and Alto • With a wider bore than later Baroque models. Easy two octave range.