Susato Gemshorns
The use of Gemshorns dates back at least to early Renaissance days. A "Gems" is an Alpine mountain goat, a distant relative of African Antelopes. Horns of the Gems are not available anymore, so Texan or African cowhorns are now used. Gemshorns are relatives of ocarinas, but use the same fingerings as recorders. A range of one octave and a minor third is available. The sound is very rich and of the same pitch as equally named recorders. Gemshorns feature a curved labium and windway and respond excellently to cross fingerings. Playing gemshorns in any combination is very rewarding. Because gemshorns are precisely pitched musical instruments they are used frequently by early music and folk music ensembles. The horns are highly polished. A pouch and a fingering chart are included in the price. Our Gemshorns are individually made in our Brasstown, NC workshop or imported from Europe.

Check out the Media Gallery for video clips of George playing the Gemshorn!

Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass Gemhorns
made from cow horns.

Susato Plastic Gemshorns in 6 colors!