Material choices for Bows:

Brazilian Pernambuco Wood Bows: A very dense, yet elastic wood, is preferred for all high quality bows.

Brazil-Wood Bows: Also a very dense, Brazilian wood, is used mainly for better student bows.

Various hardwoods of European or Asian origin: Such woods are used mainly for mass-production of very low prized, but usually useless objects looking from a distance like bows.

Fiberglass Bows: Very durable and affordable. If fitted with horse hair, they are used by many school systems and entry-level teaching. They are far better than the hardwood bows mentioned above, but tend to be slightly heavy.

Composite/Carbon Bows: Fairly new on the market, but gaining popularity because of higher quality than fiberglass bows, but still available at relatively low prices.

Graphite Fibre Bows: The ultimate bows for discerning artists. Made by artisans in many places by marrying traditional bow making techniques with high-tech material sciences. Extraordinary high quality bows result and are now made without dependency on rapidly shrinking pernambuco wood supplies. Available and affordable!

Bows for Ethnic Instruments: Kemenche, Rebec, Vielle, Bowed-Psaltery, and other specialty bows are made of various traditional materials.

All bows offered by us are fitted with genuine horse hair.

We can re-hair any bow with Mongolian horse hair. Email us for details.

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