Zen - On

Zen-On, established 1931 in Japan, makes top quality recorders of wood and ABS at reasonable prices. They enjoy the highest reputation for quality. 

Wooden Models:  Tenor, Alto & Soprano. Baroque-styled recorders made of the finest Brazilian Boxwood and finished to close tolerances by master craftsmen for a clear, brilliant sound!  

All prices include a carrying case, joint grease and fingering chart. 

New Bressan Polymer Models! Two Alto models with undercut tone-holes, (one at low a=415Hz pitch, the other at a=442Hz):
New Zen-On G-1A -F-Alto at a=442Hz with several undercut tone holes, and the new Zen-On G-1A low pitch -F-Alto at a=415Hz, also with undercut tone-holes.  Zen-On's advanced molding technique makes it possible to make these instruments with great precision.  

The Stanesby Jr. Soprano recorder is a perfect match for the a=442Hz Alto, with its elegant tone, good balance and response. 

All with Baroque fingering. Prices include a carrying pouch, thumb-rest, joint grease, cleaning rod and fingering chart.

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(Direct blow Bass is not available anymore.)

The new Tenor, Alto and Soprano in Brazilian Boxwood,

the new -F-Altos G-1A at a=415Hz and a=442Hz models, and the Stanesby Jr. Soprano at a=442Hz, are made of ABS.