0320b - Susato Polymer Reed #3b for Susato Soprano and Sopranino Reedpipes/Rauschpfeiffen in -c'-, (with special reed-stem for conical bore)

 5th Generation of Susato Polymer Reeds for Capped Reed Instruments. Available in seven sizes: Sopranino #1, Soprano #2, Alto #3, Tenor #4, Bass #5, Bass or Greatbass #6 and Contrabass #7. For the new Susato Soprano Reedpipe/Rauschpfeiff in -c'-, and Sopranino Reedpipe in -f'- use Reed #3b, which has a reed-stem for a conical bore.

Polymer Reeds are pitch adjustable and long lasting. Instructions for reed adjustments are included.