0320b - Susato™ Polymer Reed #3b for Soprano and Sopranino Reedpipes/Rauschpfeiffen in -c'- or in -f'-, (with special reed-stem for conical bore)

For the Susato™ Soprano and Sopranino Reedpipe/Rauschpfeiff in -c'-, or in -f'-, use Reed #3b, which has a reed-stem for a conical bore.The same reed can be used with the Sopranino or Soprano. Please be aware that reed instruments sound one octave lower than same-named recorders! (The Sopranino Reedpipe pitch is like an Alto Recorder, the Soprano Reedpipe like a Tenor Recorder)

Polymer Reeds are pitch adjustable and long lasting. Instructions for reed adjustments are included.