0055 - Sopranino Reedpipe/Rauschpfeiff in -f'-

A Reedpipe, (Rauschpfeiff in German) is a fairly loud and rich sounding, capped double-reed instrument of the Renaissance with a tapered, conical bore. It’s sound is penetraitingly straigh-forward and therefore very useful and welcome to sound a melody in parades, dance bands of any sort and in combination with a variety of other wind and string instruments. The fingerings are basically the same as for Recorders, Kelhorns and Crumhorns, but Susato Reedpipes/Rauschpfeiffen can be “overblown” into a second octave for an extended range of one octave and a fifth, from -f’- to -c'''- for sopranino sizes. A perfect range for a large selection of tunes!