2327 - Two Retrofit Susato Comfort Keys for Tenor or Alto Recorders. ($35.00 per key)

A Susato Retrofit Key can be mounted over any open tone-hole of Tenor or Alto recorders, except over double holes.The purpose is to enable a considerably more comfortable covering of tone-holes spaced out of reach of smaller hands, particularly of tenor recorders. The left hand ring-finger and the right hand fore-finger in particular are the most challenged to cover their respective open tone-holes. Most Bass recorders have such keys mounted over those middle barrel tone-holes. Why recorder manufacturers neglect to do the same for their otherwise wonderful tenor sized instruments is a mystery.

The cost is $ 35.00 per key, plus postage. Only the middle barrel needs to be mailed to us. It is necessary to have the keys mounted in our shop, as special tools are needed to do this.