Viola Strings
Gut Strings: Gut, plain and wound, is still the material of choice for beauty of sound, but not as long lasting as synthetic fibers or steel. For Renaissance and Baroque instruments and music, gut strings are the preferred choice for an authentic sound. The higher cost of gut strings reflects the considerable amount of time and skill necessary to produce them.

Synthetic Fibers: Strings of Nylon, Perlon, Zyex, etc... are made of monofilament, or multi-stranded fibers with or without outer windings. They last much longer, are less sensitive to moisture and "the next best thing to gut". More strings made of modern fibers are used every year.

Steel Strings: Made of solid steel cores and with, or without, outer windings of varied metals, are the ultimate for longevity and resistance to moisture. More refined steel strings are made of multi-stranded cores and with helical twists to enhance flexibility and to produce a remarkably "warm" sound.




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