3004 - Susato Retro-Fit Comfort Keys for any Susato Brand Instrument

Susato Comfort Key Retrofits for -L- and -M- Series Susato Pennywhistles or Recorders. Unless otherwise specified, the first key is mounted over the lowest tone hole. If a second key is ordered, it will be mounted over the third tone hole from the top, for the left-hand ring-finger.  (Or any other tone-hole you specify)

To make Pennywhistles for physically challenged people, we can mount a Susato key over any or all tone holes. Keys can also be mounted for left-handed players.
Susato keys are not for home assembly and mounting! They take special tools and equipment to properly install, so it is necessary to send the instrument to:  
        Kelischek Workshop,   199 Waldroup Road    Brasstown, NC 28902   USA