1454- Garland Model -M- Series Tabor-Pipe in -d'-, tunable, two sections. The Head Section is available in the usual "straight" shape, or, like many tenor and bass recorders, with the "knick" shape.

Price includes thumb-rest, fingering chart, joint-grease and pouch. State your preference for "straight" or "knick" shape Head Section. (same price)

Tabor-Pipes lower in pitch than -f'- Alto are of such length that many players hands and/or fingers may not be able to comfortably reach the three tone-holes. Mounting a key to overcome such difficulty may be a solution, but rarely employed. If your arms and hands are relatively short, stick with shorter Tabor-Pipes.

(-M- Series Tabor-Pipes have a bigger bore diameter than the -S- series and sound richer)