Yamaha Recorders are high quality instruments made in Japan and used by amateurs and professionals alike.

We carry inexpensive Student models for beginners and Yamaha's top of the line Series 300 Baroque recorders for more advanced players.

The Soprano Student model in -C- comes in translucent, colored ABS that is dish-washer safe. It is made with double holes for -C-/-C#- and -D-/-D#-.

The new 400 Series recorders are made of ECODEAR - a higher density plastic made in part from plant starch. Scroll to bottom of page to order.

The Series 300 Baroque recorders are the very best ABS models Yamaha makes. If you are serious about your music, these recorders deliver rich sound, while providing the convenience of durable, low maintenance ABS plastic. The Series 300 Recorders are based on original J. H. Rottenburg instruments of the Baroque.

All prices include a vinyl carrying case, Susato thumbrest, joint grease and fingering chart.

The 300 Series Sopranino through Tenor set includes a carrying case as shown above. This case is also available without the instruments.

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Yamaha 300 Series Recorders      400 Series Rec.

Two optional Susato keys mounted to the middle barrel allow playing this tenor without undue stretch. Even small hands can play it now.