Ehlert Recorders in 442Hz

Most recorder players have the desire to occasionally express themselves beyond the delicate and discreet character of their instrument, especially when playing together with other instruments. In an ensemble with modern strings, wind- or keyboard instruments one would no doubt rather have an instrument that will prevail and compete with the sound of the others. However at the same time one does not want to do without the clear and typical recorder sound.

The Ehlert Recorders from Moeck have the strength of tone of a Renaissance recorder due to their wide conical bore, the flexibility of sound and dynamics of Baroque recorders due to the windway design. Because of their length they have a large compass (2 ½  octaves). The c3 sharp (soprano), f3 sharp (alto) and c2 sharp (tenor) no longer have to be played by the awkward closing of the bottom hole.

These recorders can be played with the customary Baroque fingerings. There is no need to learn new fingerings, except of course for the higher pitches.

Includes a case, cleaning rod and cloth, cork grease, manual for maintenance, fingering chart and maintenance kit.

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Tenor in Boxwood, Alto in Ebony
and Soprano in Boxwood