Susato Dolce-Duo
Two head sections of our Oriole model are joined at an angle to allow insertion of two adjustable body sections which can then both be played at the same time.

Dolce-Duo in -C-

Dolce-Duo in -D-
Stefan Kelischek playing simple Folk Tunes in sweet
harmonies on our Dolce-Duo double whistle.
Click the audio icon below for a sample!
Dolce-Duo double whistles are available for playing in the keys of -C- and -D-, as shown above. Two Oriole head sections are glued permanently together in a slight angle, to spread the two adjustable body sections for easier handling. Each body section has an adjustable thumbrest. Any of our various Oriole body sections of Tabor-Pipes, Pentacorders or Pennywhistles can be inserted into the Oriole double head also, for all sorts of special effects.