Denner Alto Recorders in 442 and 415Hz

Jacob Denner (Nürnberg, 1681-1735) is son and successor of the famous woodwind-maker Johann Christoph Denner of Nuremberg who already during his lifetime was held in great esteem. Just like his father, Jacob Denner was well-known for the excellent quality of his instruments far beyond the borders of his home country.

The Moeck Denner Recorder is built after a model from the "Musikhistorisk Museum" in Copenhagen. The Denner speaks clearly and effortlessly and the tone colour is perfectly balanced in all registers. It has a slender and refined tone with a brilliance to it rendering it ideal for solo playing. This agile instrument is reliable in all registers.

Available in Ebony or Boxwood and tuned to 415Hz or 442Hz. Prices include a case, cleaning rod, cork grease and fingering chart.


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Boxwood Alto in 442Hz
Ebony Alto in 415Hz

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Moeck Denner Model Recorders
2550 - Moeck Denner Recorder, model 5333, Alto in -f'-, Boxwood, a=442Hz   $1,255.00  
2552 - Moeck Denner Recorder, model 5334, Alto in -f'-, Boxwood, a=415Hz   $1,355.00