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Zen-On, established in 1931 in Japan, makes quality recorders of wood and of ABS. There are three ABS plastic models; the Stanesby Jr. soprano, the Standard alto (beginner/student), and the Bressan Alto. Zen-on also has two series of excellent wooden recorders, the Pastorale and the Classic series (see below). All prices include a carrying case, Susato thumbrest, joint grease and Baroque fingering chart.

classicGreat Bass in maple, Bass in cherry, Tenor with 2 keys in cherry (not shown Tenor with 1 key), Alto in dark stain maple, Soprano in maple and Sopranino in camelia

The Pastorale Series
These are very well designed and are a joy to play and are available in Soprano and Alto. They are made in three parts out of Rosewood.

The Classic Series
These baroque-styled recorders are made of quality Japanese wood, cut and finished to the finest tolerance by master craftsmen. These beautifully grained recorders are surprisingly light and produce clear and brilliant tones. Zen-On bass recorders are made of seasoned cherry wood, lovely to look at and light and comfortable to play. Each is produced on an individual basis with a resonant and full tone throughout the whole range. These high quality cherry recorders, with their balanced and flexible sound, are perfect for ensemble work. The Great Bass and Bass come with a hard case and neck strap.

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pastoraleSoprano and Alto Recorders in Rosewood

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Pastorale Recorders
  ZE311 -  Zen-On Pastorale Recorder Soprano - 3 Piece (Rosewood)  $1,675.00  Buy Now
  ZE411 -  Zen-On Pastorale Recorder Alto - 3 Piece (Rosewood)  $2,995.00  Buy Now

Classic Recorders
  ZESN10 -  Zen-On Classic Recorder Sopranino - 2 Piece (Camelia)  $269.00  Buy Now
  ZESN20 -  Zen-On Classic Recorder Sopranino - 3 Piece (Boxwood)  $400.00  Buy Now
  ZES110 -  Zen-On Classic Recorder Soprano - 3 Piece (Maple)  $249.00  Buy Now
  ZEA1700 -  Zen-On Classic Recorder Alto - 3 Piece (Maple)  $339.00  Buy Now
  ZE2000B -  Zen-On Classic Recorder Tenor 1 Key (Maple)  $449.00  Buy Now
  ZE2500 -  Zen-On Classic Recorder Tenor 2 Keys (Cherry)  $849.00  Buy Now
  ZE5500 -  Zen-On Classic Recorder Bass (Cherry)  $1,485.00  Buy Now
  ZE6000 -  Zen-On Classic Recorder Great Bass (Maple)  $3,200.00  Buy Now
Neck Strap
  BNECK -  Bass Recorder Neck Strap  $24.95  Buy Now