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Tent and Trail Songs - Song Booklet
Tent and Trail Songs -  Song Booklet
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Since the 1930's, World Around Songs has been collecting folk songs, dances and games from around the world into little pocket-sized booklets. Come explore all the variety in these fascinating and affordable song books!

Tent and Trail Songs os a collection of songs for the campfire and the trails that get you there!72 pages, 116 songs.

Includes among many others: Be Thou Our Guest, Bell Yodel, Billy Boy, Clementine, Day is Done, Dese Bones, East Side-West Side, Evening Song, Ghost Song, Golden Willow Tree, Hello to You, If You're Happy, Kee lee lye ya, Keeper, Kindled Fire, Lonesome Valley, LongJohn, Old Woman and the Peddler, Rise and Shine, Sim Sala Bim, Take Time in Life, Under the Linder, etc.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 July 2016.