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Handy Play Party Book - Song Booklet (spiral bound)
Handy Play Party Book - Song Booklet (spiral bound)
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Since the 1930's, World Around Songs has been collecting folk songs, dances and games from around the world into little pocket-sized booklets. Come explore all the variety in these fascinating and affordable song books!

The Handy Play Party Book is a deluxe edition of a true classic. Play parties are simple dances accompanied only by the singing of the dancers. They were an important part of North American pioneer culture. 

This booklet is the definitive source for these charming song-games. It includes some historical background information, is sorted by degree of difficulty, has some teaching suggestions and musical notes by Orff music educator Cecilia Riddell. It is printed on heavy paper, spiral-bound for ease of use, and has a laminated cover for durability. 128 pages, 93 play parties.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 22 July 2016.