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Susato Thumbrests - Set of 3
Susato Thumbrests - Set of 3
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Plastic thumbrests set for pennywhistles and recorders. Set of three thumbrests in any size and any color. Available in Black, Brown, Ivory and Clear in the following sizes:

  • Size 0 (very small or sopranino instruments) - not available in Clear
  • Size 1 (small or soprano instruments)
  • Size 2 (small or some alto instruments) 
  • Size 3 (medium or alto instruments)
  • Size 4 (medium and large or tenor instruments)
  • Size 5 (large or some tenor instruments)
  • Size 6 (extra large or some tenor instruments)
Specify size and color when ordering.

Available Options:
Size for 1st Thumbrest:
Size for 2nd Thumbrest:
Size for 3rd Thumbrest:

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 2 February 2010.