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Sweet Pipes Soprano Recorder Book 2 by Gerald Burakoff
Sweet Pipes Soprano Recorder Book 2 by Gerald Burakoff
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By Gerald Burakoff and William E. Hettrick. For Soprano recorders. Method for adults and older beginners in individual or group instruction. Recommended for players who are familiar with the fundamentals of notation. Proficiency in the musical and technical skills taught in Book 1 is a prerequesite for going on to Book 2.

Book 2 expands the Soprano recorders range of diatonic, chromatic, and enharmonic notes up to the highest -D#-/-Eb- whie also coverig slurred and staccato articulations, multiple tounguind, trills, and alternatice fingerings for several much-used notes.

Book 2 also presents a musical repertoire selected from historical sources of the Middle Ages through the nineteenth century, and from traditional folk music of a number of cultures. Major categories are hymns and chorales, dances, songs, and excerpts from larger instrumental works.

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