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Basic Recorder Technique by Hugh Orr - Vol. 1 (Soprano)
Basic Recorder Technique by Hugh Orr - Vol. 1 (Soprano)
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For Soprano Recorders. This book deals with basic recorder technique - breathing, tonguing, and fingering, the position of the hands and the production of a sustained tone. It stays within the low register of the instrument, leaving the high register to be covered in a later volume. Throughout this book, mainly renaissance and baroque music have been used, in order that the pupil may from the outset become familiar with the idioms of the recorders literature.

The music is graded in such a way that the technical and musical difficulties are progressive, and a technique once introduced is kept in use in as many subsequent pieces as possible (i.e. in order to ensure that the player constantly maintains his right-hand position, once low -C- has been introduced it occurs in almost all of the following pieces). A large number of rounds have been used because they provide enjoyable ensemble playing from the earliest stages and are ideal for class teaching. Only a slight acquaintance with musical notation is required at the beginning of this book and the music is graded so that if necessary the player can learn musical notation as he studies the recorder.

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