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Susato Oriole Model Vertical Flutes - The "Four-Winds For All Seasons"
Set of Instruments and Companions Five Instruction Book for
Pennywhistle, Tabor-Pipe, Pentacorder & Recorder

We are pleased to introduce our new Oriole™ Model Vertical Flutes: 3-Holed Tabor-Pipes or Txistu, 4-Holed Pentacorders, 6-Holed Pennywhistles and 8-Holed Recorders.

All four vertical flutes can be played with the same new Oriole Head.

Combined with the new “Four Winds For All Seasons” Display Stand and the “Companions Five” instruction book, this new Oriole set presents an excellent group of instruments for anyone.

Companions Five, by George Kelischek. An instruction book for Pennywhistle, Tabor-Pipe, Pentacorder and Recorder with Basics of Music Notation for Beginners

Oriole vinyl pouch, thumbrest and fingering chart included with each instrument.

All items on this page in one package

Included "Four-Winds For All Seasons" display stand with all four instruments in the key of -C-.

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  FWSIO -  Oriole "Four Winds" Special Offer (4 Instruments, Book, Stand)  $89.00  Buy Now
Individual Instruments
  OTPC3FW -  Oriole 3-Holed Tabor-Pipe in -C-  $28.90  Buy Now
  OPCC3FW -  Oriole 4-Holed Pentacorder in -C-  $31.50  Buy Now
  OPWC3FW -  Oriole 6-Holed Pennywhistle in -C-  $28.90  Buy Now
  ORC8FW -  Oriole 8-Holed Recorder in -c''-  $31.50  Buy Now
Extra Head or Body Section
  OHEADFW -  Oriole Extra Head Section for any "Four Winds" Instrument  $15.00  Buy Now
  OBDOYFW -  Oriole Extra Body Section for any "Four Winds" Instrument  $15.00  Buy Now