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Canta Recorders

The Mollenhauer Canta recorder series is a versatile, reliable recorder ensemble with an homogenous sound.

They have a pleasantly clear sound and are especially resilient and reliable due to the choice of wood and robust, practical design.

These recorders have a relaxed holding position due to the well balanced weight distribution, light construction and slender, economical design.

Made of pearwood, tuned in 442Hz with Baroque fingering.

Click here for Recorder Methods and Music.

Knick Tenors and Tenors are available with 'comfort' keys.
The Alto recorders come with double keys, single key, or without keys
and the Soprano model has a double hole design.

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  ML-2106 -  Mollenhauer Canta Soprano Recorder (double holes)  $91.00  Buy Now
  ML-2206 -  Mollenhauer Canta Recorder Alto in -f'- (double holes)  $241.00  Buy Now
  ML-2226 -  Mollenhauer Canta Recorder Alto in -f'- with single key  $304.00  Buy Now
  ML-2246 -  Mollenhauer Canta Recorder Alto in -f'- with double keys  $390.00  Buy Now
  ML-2446 -  Mollenhauer Canta Recorder Tenor 2 Keys  $547.00  Buy Now
  ML-2446C -  Mollenhauer Canta Recorder Comfort Tenor 4 Keys  $795.00  Buy Now
  ML-2446K -  Mollenhauer Canta Knick Tenor Recorder 2 Keys  $640.00  Buy Now
  ML-2446KC -  Mollenhauer Canta Comfort Knick Tenor Recorder 4 Keys  $844.00  Buy Now
Bass and Great Bass
  ML-2546K -  Mollenhauer Canta Knick Bass Recorder (Natural)  $1,214.00  Buy Now
  ML-2546KD -  Mollenhauer Canta Knick Bass Recorder (Dark Stain)  $1,245.00  Buy Now
  ML-2646K -  Mollenhauer Canta Knick Great Bass Recorder  $2,722.00  Buy Now
Neck Strap
  BNECK -  Bass Recorder Neck Strap  $24.95  Buy Now