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Adri's Dream Recorders

For soloists, see the new Dream Edition recorders. Click here for more information.

These are wide bore Renaissance recorders with a full sound for ensemble playing. Available from bass to soprano in a variety of woods or plastic.Renaissance recorders were constructed in such a way that their sound within the ensemble blended to create an especially homogenous texture. The construction of Adri’s Dream Recorder is based on these very same characteristics. The wide bore creates a strong yet soft tone – the ideal concept for recorders meant to be played in large groups: ensembles, group lesson or music class.

Baroque fingering, tuned in 442Hz. The Bass, and Tenor recorders are available in pearwood only, the alto recorders in pearwood or ebony and the soprano recorders in natural and red, blue stained pearwood or a combination of wood with a plastic mouth piece.

Prices include a case, cleaning rod, cork grease and fingering chart.

Click here for Recorder Methods and Music.

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  ML-1117 -  Mollenhauer Adri's Dream Rec. Sop, single hole, wood/plastic  $56.00  Buy Now
  ML-4117 -  Mollenhauer Adri's Dream Rec. Sop, single hole, Pearwood  $133.00  Buy Now
  ML-4119 -  Mollenhauer Adri's Dream Rec. Sop, double holes, Pearwood  $135.00  Buy Now
  ML-4317 -  Mollenhauer Adri's Dream Rec. Alto, Pearwood, double holes  $349.00  Buy Now
Tenor and Bass
  ML-4427 -  Mollenhauer Adri's Dream Rec. Tenor, Pearwood, double keys  $830.00  Buy Now
  ML-4527K -  Mollenhauer Adri's Dream Recorder Knick Bass, Pearwood, 4 keys  $1,386.00  Buy Now
Dream Edition Recorders for Soloists
  TE-4118 -  Mollenhauer Dream Edition Soprano Recorder (Plum-Maple rings)  $345.00  Buy Now
  TE-4318 -  Mollenhauer Dream Edition Alto Recorder (Plum-Maple rings)  $594.00  Buy Now
  TE-4428 -  Mollenhauer Dream Edition Tenor Recorder (Plum-Maple rings)  $1,084.00  Buy Now
  TE-4528K -  Mollenhauer Dream Edition Knick Bass Recorder (Plum-Maple rings)  $1,927.00  Buy Now
Neck Strap
  BNECK -  Bass Recorder Neck Strap  $24.95  Buy Now